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See what your eyes can't. Things like:
Chemical Detection

Spectral peaks for chemicals vary across a broad range. Fortunately, a Stream ColorFlow Lens can be configured with multiple bands. Choose any 10 spectral channels that work with your camera.

Nutrient Detection

Detect specific nutrients of interest in vegetation or soil by capturing spectral data with Stream’s ColorFlow Lens.

Component Classification

ColorFlow software’s built-in principal component analysis (PCA) enables the classification of components present and allows threshold variability to optimize your findings.

Organic Detection

ColorFlow software’s built-in normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) enables the simple measure of overall plant health in only a few clicks.

Disease Detection

Specific disease algorithms can be developed by training our built-in machine learning engine with a combination of diseased and non-diseased sample images.

Quality Control

Take quality assurance to the next level by being able to analyze your product’s non-visible purity attributes in real-time.

Forensic Analysis

Spectral imaging is not new to forensic analysis. Stream, however, introduces the value of portability, more flexible target algorithms, and real-time data analysis to both field and lab environments.

Your Target

What really matters is the target that you care about most. Learn more about our algorithm store and development capabilities and let’s talk about your specific application and target.

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Health & Medical
  • Military & Law Enforcement
  • Forensics
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Food Inspection
  • Aviation

A new world of possibilities. For everyone.

ColorFlow Lens & Software

Hyperspectral imaging - point and shoot simple.
Stream ColorFlow XR1 Lens
Connected to ThorLabs camera

The Stream ColorFlow Lens is based on on a unique combination of precision optics and thin film technology that spatially segregates light from a scene based on the spectral content. When combined with a variety of cameras, the scene is captured as a series of tiled images in discrete spectral bands, at every frame. Software registers spectral channels to create a datacube and can apply spectral algorithms to generate false-coloured images of the target in the scene.

Hyperspectral imaging has been used in some industries for many years, however, Stream is making this an accessible technique by packing all of the spectral optics into a lens format, allowing you to leverage the power and engineering already developed in many specialized camera systems. The intuitive and robust software is easy to use and provides real-time results. Use built-in algorithms or extend the utility of the system by developing new algorithms. The ColorFlow Lens can be configured by Stream to work optimally with algorithms and particular spectral features.

Works with Many Cameras

We have built in the flexibility to configure any ColorFlow Lens to adopt most any c-mount camera. We can also support different sensor sizes or camera mounts with minor customization.

Real-time image capture

Since all the images in all the spectral bands are instantaneously captured, the limitation to datacube capture is typically the frame rate of whatever camera you choose.

No moving parts

All ColorFlow Lenses use a combination of optics and thin films in a passive optics configuration. There are no moving parts or power required for lens-specific operation.

10 Channel ready

A typical ColorFlow Lens configuration has 10 spectral channels which are easily customized to match the optimal spectral profile of the chosen target or chemical.

Spectral algorithms

A simplified process model that describes how to make hyperspectral work for you.
1. Identify your target.

Identify the target you want to detect: nutrients, diseases, chemicals, impurities or object classes. The target, especially in the context of the environment and lighting, is a simple first step.

2. Algorithm discovery.

ColorFlow Software contains some built-in algorithms, with more being continually added. However, if you have a specific requirement or want to develop a new algorithm for a target, we can help.

3. Classify sample data.

We have specialized tools to assist in the tagging of your sample data collection (i.e. spectrometer / sequential band hyperspectral imager).

4. Feed the 'machine learning' engine.

Stream will feed these images and data into our ‘machine learning engine’ which will produce a classification algorithm and a list of the 10 best channels for your ColorFlow Lens.

5. Configure your ColorFlow Lens.

Stream will configure a ColorFlow Lens with 10 spectral channels most relevant to your specific target. We can also recommend a third-party camera for your application.

6. Analyze real-time data.

Stream ColorFlow Software identifies target chemicals or nutrients with false colored pixels--right from the comfort of your own laptop.


Stream's focus is providing the ColorFlow Lens & accompanying software, and access to world-class algorithms that solve real-world problems. We are currently seeking partners to support our technology platform, and assist in the development of creative solutions.
Camera Manufacturers
  • Sell more cameras
  • Add value to existing cameras
  • Offer a hyperspectral option
  • Easily integrate software
  • Leverage spectroscopy
  • Leverage the algorithm store
Systems Integrators
  • Sell more cameras
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Expanded market
  • Sell accessories
  • Leverage existing algorithms
  • Offer custom algorithms
Algorithm Developers
  • Modify existing algorithms
  • Earn royalties
  • Get paid per picture taken
  • Choose the spectral range
  • Gain worldwide exposure
  • Use our data capture tools
  • Optimize spectrum
  • Fits any budget
  • Live cell spectral images
  • Mount on microscope
  • VNIR to SWIR to LWIR
  • Monochrome camera-ready

Our Team

Established in 2012, Stream Technologies has a diverse and experienced team of business leaders and scientists. We value high quality products and an open, collaborative relationship with our partners to develop world-changing solutions.

Stream has patented thin film technology and has industry-leading expertise in the design and manufacture of specialty coatings. Our system designers use advanced modelling software to ensure optimal imaging quality.


With experience in rugged operating environments, our mechanical team designs ColorFlow hardware to operate in tough working conditions.


Utilizing the latest in software tools and cloud computing services, Stream's software team is building a robust and flexible community platform that will simplify and standardize the way we collaborate on and share hyperspectral knowledge.


Our team of PhD scientists and active collaborations with university researchers provides the required spectral knowledge and expertise to bring “hyperspectral to the rest of us”. This mandate involves the integration of complex optical, spectroscopic, and companion software into an intuitive experience that results in accurate and meaningful actionable data.

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