Stream Technologies Inc

Our goal is to help people make better decisions in business.

Stream has brought together the power of spectroscopy and the ‘artificial intelligence’ of machine learning to make detection quick, easy and accessible. Test results normally received from a lab or those which require a certain level of expertise are now identified in real time.

You could be looking to identify anything from an invasive species, to a disease, to a nutrient deficiency.

Using this power we are able use a spectral camera to take a picture and have it analyzed through our Artificial Intelligence system called the Stream Analytics Engine. The Stream Analytics Engine provides instant analysis for object identification with all the necessary information displayed at your fingertips.

This gives you the chance to:

  • Get quick and easy sampling using photographs
  • Have early detection for potential problems
  • Save money on expensive tests
  • Accurate results in minutes

The way we are able to detect things is about to change forever. To learn more about how you can make better decisions, Explore, Learn and Grow with Stream Tech Inc.

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