Stream Technologies Inc

Our goal is to help people make better decisions in business.

Stream has brought together the power of spectroscopy and ‘artificial intelligence’ (machine learning) to make detection quick, easy and accessible. Test results normally received from a lab or those which require a certain level of expertise are now identified in near real time.

Within the agriculture sector, you could be looking to identify anything from an invasive species, to a disease, to a nutrient deficiency or detecting levels of oil in plants, seeds and fertilizers. The list can go on and on.

A spectral camera or spectrometer, can capture the image or the spectral data, and automatically upload it to the Stream Analytics Engine. The test results will be ready and waiting in your own online account.

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Now you can:

  • Have early detection for potential problems
  • Use a simple point and shoot a camera
  • Use a touch and go spectrometer
  • Reduce the expense of lab reports
  • Get results in minutes instead of days
  • View ‘test results’ in your own online account
  • Use existing tests or Analytics Apps (from the online store)
  • Use your own physical samples to create a test you care about.

Summary: Stream provides a platform to use spectroscopy to capture data – showing you the results in real time, the hard to detect or invisible elements that make a difference in your business.