RMACS – Rail Mounted Automated Camera System

This specific configuration is designed to take over 6,000 images a day, to be processed and analyzed with same day (or sooner) feedback upon the detection of disease other target of interest. This configuration covers a 24 ft. swath and moves along floor-rails.

The imaging system has been designed to be flexible.  RMACS is as much about software as it is about hardware.

Software is specifically designed to run the motors to optimize image quality. The software is designed to communicate large files throughout your system based on SQL databases. Classification software allows a simple click to sort images into specific categories for training purposes.

Once several hundred images are taken –  the power of Stream’s analytics platform can go to work.

If you already have a way to move a color camera, a multi-spectral camera, or other sensors, and want to leverage Streams analytics engine, lets talk!