Pricing – what to expect.

Our pricing model is designed to encourage everyone to use the analytics engine and ensures users are getting the best value possible. Every Aapp in the online store can be used for free to ensure it is right for you. Once you determine the analytics engine and Aaap will work for you  and you begin to use it in a commercial manner (more than 25 predictions per month are likely to be used), there is an ongoing cost based on usage.

  • For those using ‘predictions’ there are tiered pricing options, starting with 25 free predictions every month, for each Aapp subscribed to.
  • For those building their own custom Aapps, there are tiered pricing options starting with free training hours every month.
  • For each Account there is also a limited amount of free storage.

What do I get for FREE?

Sign-up for your FREE analytics account at which includes:

      • 25 FREE Predictions for each Aapp, per month. (The count resets every month)
      • 5 FREE hours of Training time per month (These hours of processing time start over every month)
      • 10 GB of FREE storage – cumulative lifetime use (accumulates month to month)

What does Stream sell?

Additional Predictions (per Aapp)
Additional predictions would be purchased if you need more predictions in a month than the FREE Tier offers.

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Additional predictions are obtained by purchasing a monthly subscription, for the appropriate tier.

As the value of a prediction from a given Aapp can vary significantly, the cost of incremental predictions varies by Aapp.

      • The cost of predictions is set by the Aapp developer.
      • Every Aapp has a free tier for up to 25 free predictions every month.
      • Subscribe to any Aapp from the Online Store
      • * your life time storage carries over from month to month, and does not start over each month as the FREE Tier Predictions do.
      • Check out the details under My Company once you are signed into your Account.

To increase the number of predictions that can be done in a month, simply subscribe to the appropriate tier.

The subscription price for each Aapp varies.

If the number of predictions used in a given month exceeds the number of predictions included in that tier, an overage charge per prediction is incurred. When, or if, the overage charges incurred are more than it would have cost to subscribe to the next tier, the system will charge the price of the higher tier to ensure the lowest per prediction cost is used.

This will result in the lowest per prediction charge and the monthly subscription charge will revert back to the original tier subscribed to at the beginning of the next month.

Additional Storage
If you run out of Storage (although you can delete your data and free up your storage anytime)

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Pricing for additional storage is sold independently from the number of predictions, or the amount of training time. Storage is applied to your entire account and is cumulative – meaning that it does not reset at the beginning of each month.  Incremental storage is likely only needed if images, as opposed to scans, are used and Aapps are being trained.

The cumulative amount of storage space being used can be reviewed on both a monthly and to-date basis by logging into your account.

(See storage details in your online account- under My Company)

Additional Training time
If you are developing more Algorithm Apps (Aapps) and need additional processing / training time.  

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Tiered pricing is available for additional training time for all your Aapp development. Training time is sold on an account basis (not per Aapp), – on a per month cost.