The analysis of the captured spectral data is done with the Stream Analytics Engine. 

Once you have registered a free account and have captured your sample by using a capture device, the spectral data will be uploaded to our Artificial Intelligence software, the 'Stream Analytics Engine' using Cloud Connect.

(For more information on Cloud Connect click here)

It's here where your images are analyzed and the results can be viewed. Our Stream Analytics Engine builds a unique combination of various neural nets, packaged as an Analytics Application, which will identify the specific item you are looking for.

App Store Example

For example, if you are looking to determine the difference between real and fake leaves, you will require a 'Real vs Fake Leaves Analytics App' so the Stream Analytics Engine can identify which leaf is fake and which leaf is real. These Analytics Apps are available in our online store OR with Stream, if you require something not available, you have the ability to create your own!

(For more information on what an Analytics App is click here)

Using the Analytics App, the Stream Analytics Engine has the data analyzed in moments, with the information available in your online account. You can use any browser or cell phone to view the information and the results will be ready to determine the best course of action based on your needs. This is where artificial intelligence helps your business.