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An Analytics App is like a software file (model) that contains the formula or algorithm to detect a particular element or particle.  Each Analytics App has been created (trained) by sending labeled training images into the Stream Analytics Engine. It's the job of the Analytics Engine to determine how photons of light bounce off samples - differently.  For example; once the Analytics Engine know how the spectral data from a fungus infected wheat plant is different from a healthy wheat plant, it can save that 'model' as a 'Wheat Fungus -Analytics App'

Creating a new Analytics App starts with well labelled physical samples. In the case such as a nutrient deficiency or the percentage of  protein in a seed, the ability to see the protein with your eye is not possible, so sending those training samples to a lab would be necessary. Once the training is complete,  the Analytics App together with the Analytics Engine will perform the detection for that specific element, in this example it would detect the percentage of protein in seeds - from that day forward.

Analytic Apps can be found in our Analytics App Store, but you also have the ability to build them based on your needs.


New Analytic Apps can be sold to others through the online store, or they can be used privately. 


Here are some various Analytics Apps being used today and currently in our Analytics App Store.

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