Stream Analytics Engine

Stream Analytics Engine 

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This is where machine learning comes into play.

Images from multispectral cameras or scans from spectrometers, will automatically be uploaded to the Stream Analytic Engine via the Cloud Connect electronics. (which is linked to an account)

It's here, the Stream Analytics Engine already knows who took the picture and which account it belongs to, it know which Analytics Application it will use, starts the detection process, and put the results into the proper user account - all within a minute or two.

Analytics Apps are available in our online Analytics App Store, but if there isn't one that suits your needs, you can use the Stream Analytic Engine to create/build your own! 

If you have created an Analytics App that others can license, you can become a part of the Stream Royalty Program. We will track, report and pay you a royalty when others license your Analytics App.

Using an Analytics App, you can see how using artificial intelligence can analyze the results.

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