Streams main product is the Stream Analytics Engine. Access and use of the Analytics Engine is through the Stream Analytics Site.

Sign up for free, where you can:

  • Choose the type of spectral capture device you have. (if you don’t see your spectral camera or spectrometer on the list - give us a call).
  • View the available Analytics Applications in the online Store.
  • Create your own ‘test’ or Analytics Application in the Solutions/Draft section.
  • View the everyday detection results in your own ‘Projects’ section

If you would like to analyze spectral data from any spectrometer or spectral camera in the world, please contact us to discuss. 

Analytics App

Analytics Apps are a software application created by the Stream Analytics Engine. Once created the Analytics App is used by the engine to determine if there is a foreign species, or nutrient deficiency or a specific element you are looking to identify. The results can be viewed in minutes from any browser enabled device.

Stream Analytics Engine

This is where machine learning comes into effect. Using algorithms, the Stream Analytics Engine can analyze an image and using an Analytics Application it will make it so you can easily see the specific elements within the spectral data.

Cloud Connect

This embedded computer and communication device is used to enable multispectral cameras and spectrometers to communicate back and forth with the Stream Analytics Engine. Data and scans can automatically be uploaded to the Stream Analytics Engine through Cloud Connect with results transmitted back.

ColorFlow™ Camera

This 10 band multispectral camera is designed to use an off the shelf monochrome sensor. It is already equipped with our Cloud Connect electronics with a spectral flash specifically designed to match the spectral bands. 


LabFlow is a specially designed soil sampler to determine the contents of the soil. It has a built in spectrometer and Cloud Connect. Custom configurations can be discussed or it can be used as is!

AirFlow Camera

AirFlow is a specialty camera designed for wide swath, multispectral data collection. It is a world class unit produced for high resolution pictures taken from an aircraft, yielding a low cost per acre snapshot. Because of the large dataset created on each flight, processing is managed in a custom manner.

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