Technical and Software

ONSI – Open Network Spectral Interface. This is the Open Source API to make your device smarter

Install ONSI

Install Guide ONSI:
if using seabreeze:
– download and install latest seabreeze installer
– download and install latest omni driver
if using nanoFTIR:
– download and install labview runtime engine 2012
– download and install FTDI D2XX drivers

Install Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect – this exe can be installed on any Windows machine and creates the link to send captured data directly into your online account at Stream Analytics.

Sales and Marketing collateral

  • LabFlow Brochure
  • ColorFlow Brochure
  • Cloud Connect appliance
User manuals
  • Labflow user manual
  • ColorFlow user manual
  • Cloud Connect appliance user manual
  • Cloud Connect Software user manual