What is the Stream Analytics Engine?

This is where machine learning comes into effect. The Stream Analytics Engine can analyze an image and using an Analytics Application it will make it, so you can easily see the specific elements in your environment, like soil with high nitrogen. Simply create a free Stream Account on our website to get started.

What is Cloud Connect?

Cloud Connect is the piece of hardware you will require in order to link with the Stream Analytics Engine. Cloud Connect will automatically upload any image or data to your Stream account.

The ColorFlow™ Camera is already equipped with the Cloud Connect electronics pack, however, if you use a spectrometer or another multi-spectral camera, you will need to purchase the Cloud Connect electronics. Without Cloud Connect you cannot link your device to the Stream Analytics Engine.

How do I purchase the ColorFlow™ Camera?

Please call 1-800-1900 ext 102 or email sales@streamtechinc.com with your contact information. Please see the price list here.

How do I know the ColorFlow™ Camera is working?

As you take images, check the about tab. You should be able to see if the photos are being processed and uploaded. If the photos are not being processed, please repeat the initialization steps.

Do I have to use a ColorFlow™ Camera in order to take multispectral pictures?

No, you have the ability to use any multispectral camera to take images of your environment. You will however need the Cloud Connect electronics in order to link with the Stream Analytics Engine. Without connecting to the Stream Analytics Engine, you will not have the ability to analyze the specific elements in your environment.

What is a ColorFlow™ Camera?

It is a point and shoot multispectral camera which takes a picture in 10 spectral bands. Our artificial intelligence, the Stream Analytics Engine, uses multiple algorithms to analyze the image and separate specific objects within. It is not like your over-the-counter camera.

Where can I use these devices?

If you have an application outside, the ColorFlow™ Camera is designed to be carried into the field and work with direct sunlight. When you are taking images, be mindful of the conditions and that they represent a ‘typical’ day of real production. The power pack and batteries are designed to be clipped onto a belt to keep the weight over your hips.

The ColorFlow™ Camera can also be used inside for controlled elements. Please be mindful of your light conditions and that it is a controlled environment where conditions do not change.

How will a multispectral camera or the Stream Analytics Engine help me in the field?

These tools are designed to save you time, money and enable better/quicker decisions for your company.

Currently it takes days/weeks to have items within your environment analyzed by professionals and laboratories and it is very expensive. This process will take minutes enabling you to maximize your production.

What is Spectral Data?

Data collected using a spectrographic measuring device such as a multi or hyperspectral camera or spectrometer. Our ColorFlow™ Camera would be an example of a measuring device. It contains wavelength or frequency information that describes how light interacts with the object being measured. This data specifies variables with its properties and undoubtedly provides a great deal of information about organic molecules.

Does this platform have multiple uses?

The Stream Analytics Engine is able to take spectral data from your environment, either from a camera or a spectrometer and produce real-time results, showcasing the specific elements in your environment.

This process is not limited to the agriculture industry, as the entire process can be used for skin abnormalities, determining if something is fake or real or seeing the difference in a color scheme. The possibilities are endless.

What is an Analytics App?

An Analytics App is created by the Stream Analytics Engine. Once created the Analytics App is used by the engine to determine if there is a foreign species, or nutrient deficiency.

To create an Analytics App you will need to register a Stream Account. Once registered, using a multi-spectral camera or spectrometer, you will need capture a sample and uploaded the samples to Stream Analytic Engine via Could Connect. Once uploaded, you will then have to train the application, so the Engine can create the specific algorithm for your Analytics App.

Once trained, the Analytics App can be used to understand the specific elements of your environment based on your needs. For example, if you need to determine if there is a high level of protein in your wheat, you can use create a Wheat Protein Analytics App, which will then be used to determine the levels of protein in the Wheat.

What happens if the Analytics App I have is not found within the Online App Store?

If you do not see what you require and you do not have any samples, visit our community pages either on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.

How do I build an Analytics App?

Sign up for our service by visiting our Online Analytics App Store. You will then need begin by linking your ColorFlow™ Camera to the Analytics App store under the Hardware Tab. After it is linked you will need to begin to create a solution by drafting one under the Solution tab in the App Store. Follow the instructions to capture spectra. Spectra is either images or samples you are providing. You will then return to the Solution you just created to mark the spectra of the images/samples you just provided. The Stream Analytics Engine will then automatically create the Analytics App so your images/samples can then be analyzed.

How many pictures do I need to take in order to build an Analytics App?

As many as you reasonably can take. At this time we suggest starting with at least 50 images/shapes per class. Over time, you may feel more comfortable with approximately 10 images/shapes.

Please note, an Analytics App can be created using data from a spectrometer as well.

How do I know when my Analytics App is ready?

After the Solution App is processed through the Stream Analytics Engine, the Solution state will update to say “TRAINED”. You can always check your training report as well to ensure it is ready to publish.

How do I share the Analytics App I created?

Publicly, anyone using the software can use your application and you will be rewarded with a royalty for anyone who uses the Analytics App you created.

Privately, only you and people in your company will have access to your Analytics App. You can state who can use/see your Analytics App once it is created.

Can I make money off of the Analytics App I created?

Yes, IF you created an Analytics App that others others can license and you are a part of the Stream Royalty Program. We will track, report and pay you a royalty when others license your Analytics App.

Please note, there are limits and conditions to this program. To be a part of this program requires you to fill in both the Royalty Program Agreement and include your name in the payment field.

What if I do not have samples to train on?

If there is an existing Analytics App in the Analytics App Store (please see – Public Solutions), this is where you can obtain a license to use one.

If you do not see what you require and you do not have any samples, visit our community pages either on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.

How do I purchase an Analytics App?

Please visit the Solutions section in your Stream Account where you can see Public Analytics Apps. Find the Analytics App you wish to purchase and choose details in the lower right hand corner of the page. Choose the Request Access button and a Stream Tech Inc. sales rep will contact you.

How do I sign up for a free account?

Please visit analytics.streamtechinc.com and sign up. You can also invite others from your company to register.

Where can I connect with other users to share my Analytic Apps or come up with new ideas?

You can have members of your company register to utilize the Analytic Apps within your business or you can share them universally. To connect with more users simply visit our Social Media pages on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.

How can I get in touch with Stream?

Contact us Anytime! You can email, phone or use a pigeon carrier. Please visit the contact us page for more details.

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