Once the spectral data is uploaded to the Stream Analytics Engine and using an Analytics App, within minutes you will be able to see false colored images or scans in your Stream Account. 

The Stream Analytics Engine takes the spectral data and sorts it so you can visually see the difference of the shapes, using false colored imaging or percentage levels of the detected element.

Stream's web based browser lets you view these results right from the palm of your hand.

(For examples of false colored images please click here)

The Stream Analytics Engine also provides a graph to show how true a value is.

(For Examples of graphical data please click here)

The Stream Analytics Engine is not limited to multi-spectral cameras, as you can use a spectrometer as well, as long as you are connected by Cloud Connect. The only difference is a false colored image will be replaced by a scan. The Scan will be shown as a graphic or a percentage of concentrations, all with additional meta data. 

This is an exciting NEW process which will take minutes to see results, replacing the current process of taking a  sample to a laboratory, which takes days/weeks to see results.

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